This is the Beautiful Tourist Attraction of Santolo Garut Beach

This is the Beautiful Tourist Attraction of Santolo Garut Beach

Natural attractions in Garut, Santolo Beach is a beach which is located in District Cikelet, Garut regency, West Java, Indonesia. Garut is not only famous for Garut Orange but one of the popular beaches found in Garut regency is Santolo Beach.

hallo  tasik plaza this time I will share the Tourist Information in Garut is some snap from I conclude in the form of website for the purpose of promoting tourism in Garut.

foto pemandangan pantai santolo

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foto at  This is the Beautiful Tourist Attraction of Santolo Garut Beach

The location of the photos in This Attraction Objects Beautiful Beaches Santolo Garut

Route: District Cikelet, Garut regency, West Java, Indonesia.

Mention your friends who want to be invited here ??

Do not forget to keep clean, support the local economy and respect the local culture when you come to this place, Be a #ResponsibleTraveller.

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This is Tourism Object Santolo Beach Beautiful Garut, Garut

this name comes from a ritual often done by people who often come to do the Spiritual Activities. Initially, this waterfall did not have a pond and was not colored

green as it is now, but due to landslides from the cliff wall, making the river flow unstoppable and forming a deep pond and green.

Tourism Object in Garut Comrades who want to come here, please pay attention to the appeal installed on the road and pay attention to cleanliness so it must be on guard sustainability. Be careful if the road clay situation, although it seems crowded but, it is recommended to stay careful in the tour because it does not close the possibility of criminals are lurking. still pray to the Almighty Do not hesitate to ask the people around and ask to be delivered,

no matter how friends are guests who must obey the rules of the host. The most important thing is to become a traveler who is ready to bring back the waste generated from the activities of friends. Happy Traveler and keep the local wisdom yaah, because like the saying where the earth dipijak there sky is upheld.

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